LC101-Ind - Exercise: Data and Variable - Chapter 4

In the README (aka, Course Overview!) document it states “Exercises are ungraded, and you can check some of your solutions to make sure you’re on the right track. Turn in what you can, but don’t panic if you can’t solve 100% of all the exercises.” How are the exercises turned in?

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Good question, until we know the answer, I’m going to start putting my assignments in separate replit projects.

I have the same question too. Also is it in any way Linked to replit classroom? there was a mention of replit classroom in the prework chapters (ch 2 or 3). I am not sure if I have to create a seperate account for replit classroom or something other than the regular replit account?

I had the same question. So I did what you did. I created a for each section of the chapter that had questions or exercises. I am assuming they are getting saved because I can see the files. I’m not sure about forking or Git.hub.

The exercises each have their own assignment link to turn in on Canvas - for example, here is the link to turn in Week 1A exercises.

I am not seeing a submit option in Canvas for the exercises.

HI Amanda - Try now. I updated a setting.

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