Localhost was operating correctly and now it cant connect

So far, I managed to finish and commit my index.html file and started to work on my styles.css file. I made my change, went to “Run” and the screen brought up my launch.json file. I am not sure what happened and I went to discard my changes in the json file. Now it tells me the file will be deleted forever and every time I run my program, localhost tells me it refuses to connect. How do I fix this?

Okay, so I deleted the file and everything functioned correctly. Every time I make a new change in the styles file, it remakes the json file. I am not sure how to get rid of this. It tells me that local host can not connect when the json file is made. When I get rid of it, everything functions properly. Is there something missing in the styles.css file? I used a link from “styles” to “index” but the file is still making changes to itself.