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Hello, I’m miles and I completed the LaunchCode Discovery this evening. I’m reaching out to other Memphians (and perhaps other new LaunchCoders across the world) to see if anybody has a stumped question.

For me, the question in Module 5.3.11 gave me the most challenge and I did have to search the forums for help. It took a while but I finally got it! I can take a look at specific code and do my best to give feedback and pointers.

Please post if we have any new Memphians or other folks with questions. Here to help!


Miles, I need your help on that exact question. I am finished with everything else but it has me stumped. My code worked on the #10 before it but when I put it on #11 it does not go through.
My code is as follows:
def calculate_diameter(pi=3.14):
return diameter
user_input=int(input(“What is the circumference of the circle?”)

See if you can help out.

Good morning Roy,

The first two questions, it’s helpful to know that the correct responses are within the dropdowns. With that in mind
Line #1: when coding functions, What structure do we use? Thinking before and after the colon.
Once we’ve kicked off the function code (keeping indentions in mind), what are we trying to do with the return statement?
The line about diameter: think back to the slide on how to code diameter. The drop down may help.
The line with user_input, what sort of data are we requesting from the user? In other words, Does int match the responses 100% of the time, or is something else a better fit?
With the last line of code, remember that we are calling functions. I felt the last step in module 4 gave me enough to solve. However, there are some other codes in the forum for this last line that should help get you to this answer. I hope this helps. Please keep us updated!
P.s. for the last response, remember we are answering inside parentheses for this part of the question.

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Hey Miles! Looking forward to working with you and all of our future classmates!

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I appreciate the prompt response. I finally got it all figured out last night. Thank you so much for your help.


Roy K. Smith

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@milesdials I am a fellow memphian an I am so excited about the upcoming class. I am having trouble getting through discovery chapter 4 question 16. I have been stuck on this one for two days. I got it correct in the practice one before it i dont know what to do as we are approaching the deadline.

Hello, by chance, are you referring to Module 4.1 Step 16?
I would look at your code in Module 4.1 Step 15 and see if the naming of your variables is close to the responses in the question.

Perhaps tweak the spacing, etc so that the code on 4.1.15 is set up similarly to the fill-in-the blanks on the question.

Another approach: Open a second session of the question in another window and toggle between it and the and (very slowly) type it into the When you get to the fill-in-the-blank, go back to an earlier slide in the modules, in the second window, to see if you can find the answers.

Good luck. You got this!

Hey yes i am referring to Module 4.1 Step 16. I have been stuck for two days I dont know where Im going wrong. It came out correct in Step 15.I am new to coding but I am enjoying learning so much .I want to figure it out so bad because its almost the deadline for class. I have tried several different answers. I dont know where i am going wrong. I dont know what to do!

I would like to help you.
Can you send to me exactly which question are you refering?


For the four questions, Maybe this is a way to look at it.

For part 1, something from part 2 is present there, but it’s missing from part 1.
For part 2, same thing! Something from part 1 is present here but missing from part 2.
Part 3: this is the straight addition for part 1 and part 2. We’re calling the variables above.
Part 4: this is a straight print of your 3rd variable from part 3.

Hang in there!

Hey marco some one helped me with module 4.1 step 16 but i was wonder could you help me with module 5.2 step 16 in discovery its states complete this return statement so that it could be used in the function body of find_percentage
return blank/blank

There are 36 students in a class and 9 of these students passed their history test what percentage of these students passed their test

Thanks so much you helped me pass this one. Now i need you your help on module 5.2 step 16 i am slumped can you give me any pointers. I really like the way you explained the other question i had

Hey Miles,

I’m looking forward to LC101, but I’m stuck on the last question 5.3 Step 15/16!

I’ve read a few forum posts on this, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to be coding. I can do the math problems just fine, but the coding is more advanced than I expected on this prework.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Hello Robyn and all,

This is very much like module 5.3.11. But perhaps not quite as specific when calling in the code verses when you were typing in the fill-in-the-blanks (hope this makes sense).
If you carry this solution to 5.3.15 and update to now return circle area given radius, then ask a user input for radius, and finally print out that function.

To correctly get the answer for 5.3.16:
Once you have the working for 5.3.15, then you want the first four lines of code where you are defining the function. When I put my answer in the first time, I had an error due to not indenting the lines below the definition (below the colon).

I re-ran the and it is working for me again.

Hang in there. You will get this. Please keep us updated.

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In 5.2.15, you are trying to get the to work by adding a return for the percentage.
The answer for 5.2.16 is the numerator of passing divided by the denominator of total students in the class. This is asking for that return below that line defining the function.

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@milesdials i am finally through with discovery and i just wanted to thank you for being so helpful to me. I appreciate you taking the time to help! Cant wait til class starts!

Thanks Retta

Memphis Friends,
Please point me in the right direction for 5.3 16. i have spent so many hours on this quesiton and can’t figure out where I am going wrong. Any help you can provide will be appreciated. I can’t figure out where i’m going wrong with return.

Nice. Awhile back I was trying to connect with other coders in the area to get a group going. After searching all social media with no results, I started a group on FB called Memphis Coders.
I was trying to make it a group of experienced and non experienced folks who code together via agile and pair programming practices on projects relevant to whatever project the group takes on.
Something as a way to do some good and learn to code. The group has sat empty since inception.

I’m not new to coding but certainly no expert. However, I am new to LaunchCode and look forward to Mondays start date.

Never mind! i figured it out.