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Thanks for the reply/help! I tried going back and looking at 5.3.11 as an example like you suggested, but I still can’t seem to get this right. Do we use the return function like we did in that problem? I seem to keep getting invalid syntax errors and unexpected indentation errors. Not sure where the indents they’re asking for are supposed to go, and don’t understand the invalid syntax since we used that syntax in 5.3.11.


Hey, y’all! Getting really excited to begin class on Monday, but I’m hung up on one of the Discovery questions! It’s 4.3 step 11. I successfully wrote the program in step 10 and input the same information for step 11 (at least as far as I can tell), but I haven’t been able to get it marked correct.

I’m really not sure what I am doing wrong. Are there already spaces before and after the %? I’m not sure and I really feel like I’m overlooking something.


Hi Robyn, Yeah it’s very, very close to 5.3.11. (I actually got 5.3.16 to work based on the 5.3.10 before I got 5.3.11 right, as 5.3.11 gave me the most challenge out of all the questions on the Discovery.)

Here are some pointers, hope this gets you to the right place:
Anything below the definition (def line, ending in the colon) is indented one tab.
The Variable for Pi is a copy / paste from the 5.3.10 / 5.3.11
The variable for area is a modification from the variable when setting up diameter
The return is returning area instead of diameter.

Four lines are needed to get this thing to work, and I did not get the indents the first time, but second time the code was accepted and passed.
Keep at it! Best wishes!


Hey Jay, if you are responding to the Print fill-in-the-blanks (3rd and 5th lines), check to see if you have everything set in between double quotes.
If you are responding to the 2nd and 4th, these are nearly identical lines of code. The only difference here is the modulus for getting the ‘Hip’ or ‘Hooray’ to print on the following line of code.

Sounds like you are very close!


I am going to be away for the rest of the weekend. But sounds like most have made great progress! I am glad to have helped where I could! Good luck, keep at it. See you Monday!


I finally got it! think the issue I was having was indenting in the correct places. Thanks again for your help!


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