Module 4.3 step 10 help please

Hi all, I have been stuck on 4.3 step 10 for days. When I run the program I get a Syntax error message for line 2 which I have written as:
if number % 3 == 0:

I have reviewed 4.2 step 6 which covers if statements and believe mine is written just like the example. If anyone could give me a hint to what I might be doing wrong or just push me in the correct direction I would be very appreciative.

Did you indent the code?

Yes. It is indented.

I just tried indenting twice and got the same result.

are you using in another tab? I would try copy and pasting your code in another tab if not.

Also maybe restarting your browser, I was submitting the right code but getting it wrong until I restarted the browser.

I am using and I’ve tried this on my home and work computer. But I’ll try closing out and trying again. Thank you.

I finally got the code to run after the library updated their computers. But the fill in the blank in step 11 still does not work. I can not see anything that I could change. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you!!

I posted a possible workaround in another topic. Perhaps, it’ll work for you:
[5.2, Step #4 - error in given code?]( workaround)