Module 5.1 problem 9

Please give me a hint how to rewrite equation so computer will solve.

I have x=20/4.
However, I am having trouble with y.
I’ve tried y=21/3 and others.

might be able to help, but what are we trying to solve? Are you on chapter 5.1 functions?


I’m on the ninth step under module 5.1. Yes, it is the order of operations. The question isn’t to solve the problem. It is asking the user to input the problem so the computer can solve it.

Looks like you have the order right, but is it a division problem? Or something else?

Hello Mystified,

I am to rewrite y + 24 / 6 so a computer could solve it.

I see something like y + 3 = 21? That’s where I found an answer with my go-round with Discovery.