Module 5.3 Problem

I am still having problems with 5.3 step 16 if someone could help me that would be great. This is what I am doing
def find_area(radius): 5
pi= 3.14
area = pi*(radius**2)
return area

So, there are two steps here. One is to set up the function and another is to call it. When you are setting it up, you don’t have to define any distinct values (such as 5).

One way to call a function might be:

x = find_area(5)

and that should return what you have set up for that function for the parameter 5.

I hope this helps.

Thank you very much for responding to me. I believe that I am overthinking everything. If I could get some more direction from you that would be amazing. Once again thank you and happy new year.

OH! You have good instincts, generally. You just combined calling the function with building it. If it doesn’t make sense, check out the examples in the lessons. It will soon!