Node icon result

I have downloaded everything needed. When I type in “$ node -v”, the program tells me that node is an unexpected identifier. Has anyone had this issue?

You did this search in the terminal in VSC right?
If so, I’d try the standard “shut down/reboot” & try again. If still same issue, uninstall from your system & start again. Maybe you got the wrong version. I hope it gets fixed up soon.

Where do I type this in? When I type it into GitBash, I get the result I need. Is there somewhere else where I see the result as well? With the idea being in the “download node” chapter, it confuses me on where I am even supposed to type in.

You’d type it in Visual Studio Code, which should be tied to GitBash & let you access the terminal. If GitBash is giving you the information needed then you’re good to continue. The main reason for the terminal verification was to ensure you got Node properly installed, which it seems you do! At least that’s what I understood from the material.