OS Required for LC101 Class?

Which OS’s are allowed for the LC101 course?

I currently have a Macbook with Mojave, but could install Windows 10 if needed.

Hi Mike!

Recent LC101 grad here. Plenty of people were using Macs. I can’t speak for a specific version of macOS since I don’t know Macs well.

I was on High Sierra for most of the course and upgraded to Mojave near the start of Unit 3. Never had any trouble running anything. In fact, a lot of the setup is easier on a Mac than on Windows since a lot of the tools are Unix-based and Macs are already Unix-based. (There are lots of caveats for Windows sprinkled throughout the setup instructions.)

Thank-you both. I didn’t want to bootcamp Windows 10 because I’ve run into blue screening issues in the past with it.