Issues W/Program Output

I have been having issues with, in that it is not producing any output when I run a program. In the event that anyone else is struggling with this same issue, it is not your code that is to blame, and I have been using an alternative shell:
This has worked without any hiccups thus far.


I think Stepik is using the wrong version of python. I have been going to and starting a new page and changing the type of code to the other version of python. When I do that, the code works fine.

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Craziest thing, I had to copy, delete, and repaste the same exact code in order for it to finally work.

It’s been doing this to any of my programs that need to be changed, and I probably spent three hours trying to figure out why that program wasn’t working when it worked the entire time.

I have been having the same problems with running programs on I thought that it was my internet connections, but the alternative shell you suggested works just fine. Thank you

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