refused to connect

Hi there!

I recently started the Discovery Program and seem to be having issues. The only similar issues I’ve found on various forums resolve to enable cookies, disable adblock, and clear my web browser cache (which I’ve done all of the above with no fix).

I first noticed this problem in module 1.2, starting with inserting my name into the (“Hello, World!”) scenario. Then I noticed it again when debugging and attempting to break and fix the code in module 1.3. Because of this problem, in module 1.3, I was never able to produce the correct answer, even though I knew what it was.

I ran the code initially as:

print(“Hello, World”)

Now, I have re-written the code as:

print(“Hello, Emma!”)

Then I pressed run again and get the same output in the shell. It continues to say Hello, World! (pictured below)

The issue goes as the screenshot shows. No matter what I do to the code in the editor, no matter how many times I press run, the shell will always appear the same as it did after I clicked run the first time. This causes me to need to reload the entire page every time rather than just pressing “run” after replacing or fixing the code.

Occasionally I will get an entire error message that overlays both the editor and the shell stating “ refused to connect” (image attached in comments).

I am using Google Chrome on a MacBook, if that matters. I am worried that if this continues it will be more difficult for me to play with the code, make mistakes, and fix them in future lessons!

Any advice for a newbie? Thank you!! :blush:

Follow up image showing “ refused to connect”:

It looks to me like this is a compatibility issue between Stepik and your browser/OS. Is there another unit you can use, just for Discovery? If it is any consolation, LC-101, if you take it, does not use Stepik, only Discovery, so if you can work your way through this, the problems might well go away.

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It is! I’m pretty confident I can work through Discovery despite the issue. In another thread, someone posted an alternative site for coding. When I’m on my laptop later (instead of mobile) I will try to copy/paste it in here in case anyone else needs it. Thank you so much!

I appreciate your quick response!

You are welcome. I think you will find the Launchcode crew generally to be quite helpful.