Section 4.3 step 11 Can't figure this Fill in the blank

I am having so much trouble with these fill in the blank sections. I have tried every combination that I could to solve this. I’ve looked at others who have had trouble and I see a few had to switch browsers to get a right answer. I don’t know what to do and time is running out. I am a newbie to all this coding and I’m getting very confused and frustrated as this is not the only fill in the blank I have been stuck on and deadline is tomorrow.

Hi, @Jordy. Looking at your submitted code, it appears that your if statements are structured incorrectly. I’d encourage you to look again at the section from module 4.2 where we talk about using conditional statements, particularly this page that has a relevant example on checking whether values are divisible by 2.

Additionally, your print() statements seem like they have an extra comma at the end of them. This will throw off the automatic grader. I recommend removing the trailing comma. Hope that helps!