Section 4.3 step 11 code works, should work, doesn't work the fill in

I’ve tried this step a million times. I’ve gone over every post in here and tried every suggestion. I believe I have the right code, but it doesn’t accept it. I’ve checked my range, my operator, my quotes. I’m not sure what to do here if it won’t accept any answer.

Edit: Nevermind, I retried it in a different browser and it accepted the code I’ve tried a thousand times.

I still can’t get mine to work

I am having the exact same problem. I have gone over again and again. I am currently using Chrome - what browser were you able to get the code to run correctly in?
I have tried it in Safari as well with no better luck :confused:

I was using Internet explorer (work computer). Tried it on my phone on safari and it didn’t work. Finally I used Chrome on my personal computer and it worked.