Step 5.3 step 11

i am stuck on this problem. I have been working on it for a day now. My inputs seem logical to me. I have several failed attempts. My last answers are
def caculate_diameter

I will try to be cryptic but still clear as mud.
Think of what the function is “getting”.
When it is finished, what was the last return?
“What” went where?

try here also- 5.3 (Step 11) help

I’m stuck on this problem as well. Why did you put “radius” underneat “circumference/pi”? I thought since it asked to return diameter, that’s what I’ve been putting
the next one I’ve been putting float because I thought an integer can’t be a decimal, and I figured this type of number might be a decimal

  1. They were trying to figure out the code still and added extras.
  2. when you divide you get a number with remainders. As for the input-
    Designating your input as a float will allow the inputted number (circumference) to have a decimal and not a string.
    Designating your input as a integer will allow the inputted number to be base 10 and not a string.