Stepnik 4.3 steps 12 and 13

I’ve tried everything to answer this fill in the blank but I can’t come up with the right answer. I wrote the code in 12 and 13 just fine but can’t figure out what is wrong with fill in the blank

Remember, when setting range, that the last number in your range function won’t appear in the generated set. It will be the last number minus one as the contained limit. The first number from the generated set IS contained in the range function. For step 13, notice that an x value is established, and a “while” loop, but that, within this loop, the x value does not change. Wouldn’t the x value continue with the same amount? Consider.

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I am having the same issue. Did you ever get it figured out?

Thanks Mystified13. I kept putting (1, 40) and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t accept it.

I am glad I could be of assistance.