Stuck on assignment 1

I am working on assignment 1 and I am stuck on the askQuestion function.
Here is my askQuestion function;
function askQuestion() {
// TODO 1.2b: Ask candidate the question and assign the response as candidateAnswer //
for (let i=0; i < questions.length; i++) {
candidateAnswers = Array(input.question(questions[i]));
It seems to me like they want us to store all the user input answers in the candidateAnswers array, but I can’t figure out how to do it because with each iteration of the for loop the array just contains one item.
I’ve been working for hours now and I am surely just missing some simple solution, but feeling kinda dumb.
I’ve done everything before this step and checked at each step to make sure the program worked with console.log().
Any help is so much appreciated, otherwise I will just continue brainstorming and reading back through the course material

  1. Make sure you have candidateAnswers initialized to an empty array where all your other variables are initialized

  2. Since candidateAnswers is already an array, you don’t need the Array after your “=” in candidateAnswers = Array(input.question(questions[i])); this will alow you to clean it up a little bit

  3. Since you are looping through, you will want to do the same thing you did for the questions[i] to the candidateAnswers side of the “=” in regards to bracket notation. This will make everything line up

^^I think the problem might be here in your loop body. As long as candidateAnswers is initialized as an empty array above, you might find it easier to use a push function on candidateAnswers, then nest the input.question part within the push function.

If that’s the route you want to take, you might just have to replace the “= Array” to a “.push”

Hope this works for you

candidateAnswers = Array(input.question(questions[i]));

you are storing input from user in a variable your syntax is incorrect.
remember input is an object that is storing require(‘readline-sync’) you don’t need to put input.question(question[i]); inside Array(). Get rid of it. And just use candidateAnswers = input.question(question[i]);

Hint: you are going to need and array method and pass candidateAnswer variable to it and assign that to candidateAnswers variable on the next line. Meaning all this need to go in the same block. Go back and look at the chapter on array methods to find the correct method.

Everyone’s help is much appreciated!
What I don’t understand about the requirements for the app to pass is the following:
It seems like everything including wording, syntax, logic, various processes has to be pretty precise to pass.
It’s great to have some videos, thank you Terrance! but the details your output shows differ from the assignment 1 instructions in that your output shows the question as “5 kilometers == 5000 meters” which is the reverse of the question detailed in assn. 1 instructions.
Also, on the video, the user prompt to provide input (the question) is “What is your name”, whereas in the instructions the example output suggests the prompt should be “Candidate Name:”.
I am having trouble understanding what details have to be exact, which ones (if any) are flexible and which instructions to use.
I know that this is literally the first time that this independent track of this course has happened so naturally there are issues to work out and there are many people in this course to try and respond to.
also, this code produces the desired results:

function askQuestion() {
// TODO 1.2b: Ask candidate the question and assign the response as candidateAnswer //
for (let i=0; i < questions.length; i++) {

Does anyone know if that code is one of the reasons the program is failing the auto test?
I tried approaching it a number of ways, but this is the only one that worked so far.
My program seems to do everything expected of it, but is still failing somehow.
program works if you put in answers like SaLLy RIde, so case insensitivity seems to be working.
Just one more thing:
I notice that grade quiz returns a grade. Should I report the grade in grade quiz or should I capture the output from grade quiz and report the output?

Good observation and you are correct. My assignment failed at first and when I went in a looked at the stack trace and check the test file. I came to the conclusion on the what syntax they where looking for. All of the code doesn’t have to match exactly but key syntax does. I understand that right now this may be a bit confusing but it all will make sense in the future. I created the videos to help give everyone some direction but review those chapters and check out all those reference links in the course where apply and keep practicing. Focus on the askQuestion() and the gradeQuiz()that’s where you test most likely will fail.