Studio 8A have to refresh page in order for it to work

I completed the 8A studio, and it seems that everything works. The problem is that the function doesn’t update the form action until I select one of the radio buttons and refresh the page. Is there a way around this?

Good question @usernam! Can you give us some more context?
Can you edit your post with a category?

If you’re like - what the heck is a category and how do I edit a post, let me know

deleted screenshot

Here’s my code so far. Issue I’m having is that when I initially open the page, there are no radio buttons selected. The console logs “Uncaught TypeError: can’t access property “value”, document.querySelector(…) is null.” Once I select one of the radio buttons and refresh the page, this error goes away and the program runs properly. It looks to me like clicking the “Go!” button doesn’t actually update the action of the form element, but I don’t know why it doesn’t.

I just needed to add an “onclick” to my button. I forgot that you could even do that.