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I have completed the prep work class 1.1 and when i ever we hit “Mark as completed”, it turns green and in the table of contents it ticks green. Other than this, i could not find any option to submit the same in assignments. So is there an option to submit the same to let them know that i have completed it before the due date or the green tick in the table of contents says it all? May i keep doing class 1.2 or should i have to wait for the first class to get over and then start the next class prep work/ assignments

I could be wrong but my understanding is that the “mark as complete” buttons are just for you to know where you are and that the prep-work is done on an honor system. I think the only assignments to turn in are the in-class ones and the weekly graded assignments. If you look under the “grades” tab it should show you the things you have left to turn in and the due dates.

Guess we’ll find out for sure on Monday! :grinning:

Lauren Nicole

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You are correct. Your TA will know if you haven’t done the prepwork when they ask you a question you can’t answer or you ask a question clearly answered in the text. The point is to practice and become good at the skills, so not doing it is only hurting yourself.

Did anyone else have this issue? I logged in on the Vocareum website to bypass this issue, so it’s not really a problem.

From the assignments, I keep getting this message-

You are seeing this message because this site uses cookies which are being rejected by your browser. If you have configured your browser to disable 3rd party cookies, please re-enable them, at least for this site ( and reload the page

I added and reloaded the site to my browser but I keep getting the same message.

ETA: I’m using Firefox.

The actual prep work for 1.1 is pretty simple. The other assignments, as dated, seem to be for after at least one if not several classes. For sure, folks are welcome to do what they want, but I personally am going to wait until the course gets underway before getting too far ahead. I am guessing our instructors may ask us to do things in certain ways.

Just my 2 cents.

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I am using google chrome browser. so far, so good…

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