Submitting Weekly Assignment on Vocareum


There was a similar topic regarding submitting prep work for 1.1 already, but I wanted to draw this into a separate topic regarding the website that will run the tests on our code (Vocareum). When completing the last exercise that was labeled Weekly Assignment I was not taken to the website automatically to be graded. I manually visited the site and had to reset my password. When I checked the sub-menu “My Classes”, LC101 is not listed. I’m not sure what to do in this situation so I can get all of the necessary prep work turned in.

I’m having the exact same problem. The only class that is showing under the My Classes tab is the Hello World class.

I’m also not seeing a link to the Vocareum website anywhere in my grades or assignment sections from the launch code dashboard and pages. I’ve been manually visiting the website and logging in that way. Is there maybe a specific link we have to click in order to submit prepwork for our latest assignments?

After u login to launchcode, click on Dashboard> then “LC101 STL MC S18> then Assignments > the click :hamster: Chapter 3 or 4 Assignment”
When u do that, give it a few secs, u ll see an interface below which is Vocareum where u need to paste the program or upload your file that has the coding for the problem. In few secs, your assignment will be graded. Note that, some times you will be graded 0 even your output is exact the same as expected, due to some space or indentations.

Thank you much! That did the trick.

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