Troubleshooting Vocareum (where you submit assignments)

If you are having issues with this:

  1. breathe. No need to break stuff.

  2. move your code to Notepad or similar application. This will move any extra formatting that is invisible to you but not to Vocareum. (or you can paste in Word in such a way to remove formatting but you get the idea)

  3. make sure you either use tabs or spaces. Not both! Vocareum doesn’t like this.

  4. breathe some more. Trust me when I say Vocareum is one thing everyone hates.

  5. retype your code in Vocareum instead of copy pasting

  6. test one line of code at a time

  7. repeat any of the previous steps, particularly 1 and 4

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Thanks! I, too, was a little confused by the Vocareum interface, until I started to kind of “get” where it was coming from with the grading. I appreciate your help.

i downloaded python 3.7.0. It gave me a shell window, from which i can open up a new file where i type the coding and run the file after saving it… the shell window gives you the output. and this was very helpful while coding for turtle module programs.

  1. remove input statements as Vocareum doesn’t work with them.

question.assignment 3 Ive entered all the required information.
my return results match the correct answer. but it will not grade my homework. But again i have all the required info. an

look for any extra spaces left…

thank you so much…i got it ti was making a spelling error…

its nice to know my lc101 tech teamplayers are truly teamplayers…

Heads up: I ran/turned in assignments for chapters 5 & 6 with the input and they worked in Vocareum.

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I guess depending on the assignment it will??

Of interest, from the client side.