Turtle Race Studio

Anybody know how to get the turtles to start at the same time instead of one after the other? Or where to look to find out? Thanks!

One method that worked for me was to have them moving for small lengths-- ie, if the race is divided into small movements-- these can even be generated randomly. Then, their movements can both be part of a single loop sequence.

You can also vary speeds during the race, but if you start the race with speed at (0)-- that’s that special speed that is almost instant.


It’s not possible to have the start at exactly the same time. Only one code statement can be executed at a time.

However, the illusion of starting at the same time can be done the way @Mystified13 suggests. If the differences in time between their movements are small, they will be relatively imperceptible.


Thanks guys! I was hoping there was a way to use the delay method (or its opposite if it exists) to get the start times the same so I’m glad to know it’s not possible :confused: :thinking: