Unexpected error when loading code editors

I started on the discovery program tonight. I came across an issue that caused the interactive boxes of the page not to display, instead showing a blank box that reads “An unexpected error has occurred.” I’m posting this to give the coders for the discovery program a heads up that something might need fixing but more to learn the reason for the error and how to fix it. Here is some more info:

-I am using a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.10.5 and using Firefox Quantum 59.0.2 browser.

-This error comes up during module 1.2, step 3 and step 4, “The Editor and the Shell.” It also happens during module 1.3, step 3, “Practice: Debugging Hello, World!” See attached photo below.

What I’ve tried:
-I checked Firefox and saw it had an update pending and needed to be restarted. Did this and still having the issue.

-Used Safari and ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! It worked! I worked on it until taking a break w/ module 1.4.

I prefer Firefox over Safari just out of habit. I also wanted to find out more about how this issue relates to coding. Keep in mind, I’m only on the first module so might need the explanation broken down and simplified.

Thanks in advance!

@DomWith-a-ck Thanks for reporting. I’m using Firefox Quantum (v60.0) on a MBP as well, and the code editors are loading for me. Further, these editors don’t use Flash or any other add-ons (that I’m aware of, at least).

Can you try looking at the console to see if there are any error messages? To view the console, go to the menu at the right of the Firefox window, select Web Developer and then Web Console (see screenshot below). Once the console is open, refresh the Discovery course page that you’re having problems with and screenshot or copy/paste any errors you see.

The error message Im getting is ‘window.controllers/Controllers is deprecated. Do not use it for UA detection.’ Not sure what it means (yet :wink:)

That bottom yellow message is simply a warning, and isn’t causing the issue (I see the same one). What I am concerned about is the red error message that is above it. That definitely pertains to repl.it. Can you copy/paste or screenshot that error?

Additionally, do you have any browser plugins running? They can insert JavaScript code into the page that could cause issues. If so, try disabling them.

The error message is pretty long so i had to do several shots. also got a message saying i could not have more than 2 links in a post and that as a new user i could not post more than one picture per post. any better work around for that other than doing 5 posts w/ 1 picture each?

I turned off all plug ins, restarted firefox, and then went back. Still had the same issue. Not sure if this is helpful but it does briefly show the correct info for a just a second before giving the error message.

I’ll send you a message about following up via email. It seems like your issue is likely isolated to your specific situation, and if not, I can post the general solution on this thread for others to read once we figure it out.

The issue turned out to be that cookies were disabled. The repl.it site requires cookies to be enabled for the code editors to load within the Discovery course.

If you’re experiencing this issue, check your cookie settings. If you’re not sure how to do that, search for the specifics for your browser (e.g. “how to enable cookies in Firefox”).

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