Unsure how to open editor within Discovery modules

All I see is the shell on any step of Discovery that has code (see screenshot). I am unsure as to how to be able to edit the code with Discovery. Any help would be appreciated because I am at a loss here. Thx

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Good morning SJSD32,

It appears they’ve changed the format since I took this class. Regardless,
the shell is where you write your code for the exercise.

  1. Top right corner, there is a green button (Run). The number next to it simply denotes the amount of times others ran the same exercise.
  2. Top left, under LaunchCode Insignia, Show Files. Click on that to reveal the example file, then click on the file itself. This shall display the example code to decipher and learn Python Syntax.

Hopefully this helps, best wishes!

The for the reply. I was able to figure that out before. I just don’t see where you can edit the code on the exercises where you are asked to.

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Any chance you were able to figure this out? I am also unsure of how to edit the code after revealing it.