Vocareum access for Summer '19?


I can’t seem to find any submission fields for the weekly graded assignment. The course overview mentions that Canvas will direct me to Vocareum, but I see neither prompts nor links.

The Vocareum website help says I should have received an email to set up a Vocareum account if there weren’t links in the learning management system (Canvas) but I don’t have any emails from Vocareum.

Just a bit stuck, hoping to find where to submit this weekly assignment before class starts.

Thanks all for your help!

There should be a Vocareum submission window within Canvas for each assignment. It’s probably not quite set up just yet, but should be up soon when due dates for some of the early assignments are released.

Hi. I am having the same issue. I am not directed, nor do I see a Vocareum submission window to submit my assignment. Please help!