VS Code Tips, Tricks and Extensions

The textbook only covers a small portion of what you can do in VS Code.
The text editor has is own extensions marketplace where you can add countless features like color themes, syntax highlighting, code completion hints, language compiling, integration with other developer tools - like Git/Hub and replit.

When you first open the VS Code application, follow the “Learn the Fundamentals” suggestion for a quick way to get started exploring everything the editor has to offer.

Follow this thread for some of our favorite features - and share your own!


my color theme above is called Horizon Bright. You can find it by going to the extensions marketplace - [shift, command, X] on a Mac.

Did I mention keyboard shortcuts? These are great for GSD. You can find an exhausting and overwhelming list in Preferences → Keyboard Shortcuts - [command K, command S]. But I just look them up when i notice myself doing something a lot. Like say, opening and closing an in-editor terminal window. That shortcut is [ctrl + ~].