Week 2A Exercises and Decimals

In the Week 2A Exercises: Strings and Arrays, the first exercise asks “What if num could be EITHER an integer or a decimal?” I seem to have missed where the textbook discusses decimals. I have gone back through all of the chapters and the only thing i can find that mentions decimals is in Chapter 4.1 and the example given is “4 and 3.3 are numbers”. Is there somewhere else that i can read about how JavaScript handles decimals so that i can complete this exercise?

4.1.3. Type Systems . In many programming languages, integers and floats are considered to be different data types. For example, in Python 42 is of the int data type, while 42.0 is of the float data type.
Float data types are of decimal values. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Oh my bad. I found this info if that is what you are looking for. Its in CH 7.6.1. Representing Numbers.