Weekly graded assignment done but assignment code not updated to 1

I have completed the Class 1.1 Prep weekly assignment but it fails to grade my work - it still shows up as 0. Is this because I have copied my code to textpad? I had copied my code to textpad to save it temporarily and then copied it back from textpad to the interpreter.


Last year, it always took some time before we were graded. The TA’s have to do that by hand, but don’t worry, it always gets done.

I cannot find a place to submit my assignment. There is no vocareum or any other links that I can find to submit it for grading.

It sounds like they are getting that all set up. Don’t worry! They will go over it all in class. And, as I recall, there are no hard deadlines for at least a few weeks. Just be sure to keep up on the reading and exercises.