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Thank you for offering this community!

I recently completed the “Discovery” course, and really got a lot out of it-- even the basics were good to re-visit.

Last night I got to meet Ryan and Lin.

Lin suggested that I try to stop by to help out (from the perspective of a student who finished the course).

I am sure I will also pick up a lot myself while doing so.

Thanks to Launchcode for offering hope that I can revitalize my career (and mind) while in my middle-aged years.

Cheers-- Thomas Park


@Mystified13 Glad that you’re here! Welcome to the community.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on the course, let me know (what worked well, what didn’t, etc). We’re continuing to evolve and improve it based on learner feedback.

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Thanks for the welcome!

I will be glad to post notions, as I think of them.

Overall, I really loved the course.

That being said, it left me thirsty to code my own Python programs (and isn’t that the point).

I see a person can set up a code shell at repl.it-- it would be cool for an empty code interface and shell to be available in Discovery, too (or a link to one).

Then, if a person had any neat ideas after a chapter, they could use the window.

Of course, the lesson windows are open for this, too-- it just feels a bit odd to ding around with them, since they are buried in the middle of the curriculum.

Just recollecting-- I felt that the binary and hex lesson was a little lean. I think the documentation was good, but felt that I should have had to code more for that one, or to have provided more answers.

Maybe using a color chart to figure out what hue a hex represents, for practice?

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One other small thing, for now-- when a person leaves a screen, they can do so without answering a question or problem. I did this without realizing it-- maybe there could be a prompt if a person tries to leave a screen without finishing a problem (when a problem is presented).

Hey @Mystified13. Thanks for the notes! Here are a few immediate thoughts on these:

  1. We don’t have a way to put an “empty” repl.it in each of the steps without cluttering up the interface, but I think encouraging users to create an account there and bookmark the site could be a good approach.
  2. Binary and hex lessons are intentionally small. The goal here is to introduce learners to the concept of different number systems, not necessarily drill it into them. But I agree that motivating examples are important, so I’ll review that section and see if it can be improved.
  3. The final issue you mention isn’t something we have control over, since this would have to be a setting enabled by the host platform, Stepik. I agree though that this would be nice!

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you, Chris. To me, all of those answers make total sense.

I was reviewing the course, and on reflection, it seems even better than the first time through.

When I offer suggestions, that is, for sure, within a positive frame.

“Discovery” has a great way of going from 0 mph to 30 mph in a nice, smooth manner.

I left a positive review.

I hope that more users will come by the forum.


Thanks! We have been (and will continue to) refine and improve the course over the next few months. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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I’m new here and wanted to say from what I have been reading, everyone seems very helpful and I’m looking forward to chatting with you.
From Toronto. Canada to where you all call home, stacie