What do I need / what should I bring / how do I approach this?

Looking forward to starting class Monday evening and meeting new folks…I want to be prepared, though!

Do we supply our own computer (laptop), or are there already hardware resources in place for student use?

How about books/materials–any needed / recommended / required?

I see others working several lessons ahead–is that where the bar for success in lc101 has been set in the past??? My time resources are finite–if that’s where I need to be to get the most from lc101 then I’ll have to re-prioritize some things.

These things are all important for planning purposes, and I’d rather know earlier than later!

Try https://www.launchcode.org/lc101
and https://learn.launchcode.org/courses/
course summary near bottom -click on class 1.1 Prep.
Under Logistics Prep - click on Course Overview

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Thank you…however in the world did i miss all that in such obvious places…

The links Sherry posted are an awesome…you will definitely need your laptop with wifi because all the books and guides are online. I can only speak for myself on working ahead, but I am trying to do as much as I can before class so that if I have questions I can ask them in person instead of trying to figure them out on my own later. I’ve listened to several interviews of past graduates and they all say that the knowledge we gain here is not complete but that it gives us the ability to teach ourselves what we need to succeed later on as our career paths develop. Somewhere I read that we should be putting 20+ hours in outside of class if that gives you a better picture on prioritizing your time.


Thanks Lauren–that helps! It’s really useful to hear the perspectives of former students, and the comment about being far enough ahead so you’re prepared to address issues in class rather than on your own is a point well taken. I’m prepared to put in the time–I just want to know that the targets I’m shooting at are the right ones!!!


No problem, I’m trying to plan my time too. See ya Monday! :slight_smile:

You are welcome. There is a lot of info to get through for the first week. The calendar view in our dashboard, also gives a nice visual overview of readings and assignments. After working through the first weeks readings, exercises and assignments, I have also found that working code puzzles on HakerRank has helped me wrap my brain around the info.

You won’t need any books or materials beyond what LaunchCode provides. That said, some students seek out and like alternative resources. The best resource for such recommendations will be your TA.

If you are not working ahead, don’t worry! The expectation is not that you do so, and working at the pace of the course will very much allow you to succeed. That said, the course does require quite a bit of work outside of class. It’s important that you put in the effort and follow the learning path laid out for you.

Completing all of the prep work before each class will allow you to get the most out of the class sessions. And staying on-schedule with all assignments will prevent you from getting behind, which can be a hard place to dig out from.

Thanks, Chris, that helps. See you all this evening!