Work With Me At My Git Hub Account

I’ve been using python to develop code to extract music, video, news and other types of free cc media from the Internet Archive. Anyone interested is invited to tune in and take part at my GitHub page:

“Climate Change” at Git Hub

For those who may not be familiar, Git Hub provides an important service for coders. It offers them a remote place to store their work and helps to facilitate collaboration.

I greatly admire the logistical model at Git Hub, and have been in contact with them concerning hosting of other projects at the site.

I have chosen to embark on a new adventure at the site-- by hosting a collaborative repository for work concerning climate change. Even while a current administration denies the reality of the phenomenon, NASA offers proof-- and we concerned parties need to take action now, and we need to continue to act.

Climate-change at Git Hub provides a hub for sharing links and ideas, and puts emphasis on moving forward into investment and implementation.

Why not have a look? Follow me there? Bookmark the page? Why not contribute, while you are at it? And spread the word.